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About Jeremy Flinkman, DDS

Comprehensive Family Dentistry located in West Des Moines, IA

Jeremy Flinkman

Jeremy Flinkman, DDS, is an experienced Doctor of Dental Surgery at Westgate Dental in Des Moines, Iowa. Dr. Flinkman is passionate about providing the West Des Moines community with high-quality and comprehensive dental care.

Should you ask some of his patients or colleagues about their experience with Dr. Flinkman, they’d say he makes people feel relaxed, confident, and comfortable in unfamiliar settings — like the dental chair.

Dr. Flinkman’s goal is to leave a positive and lasting impression on the people he encounters. He channels that through his work by empathizing with patients and being an advocate for their true needs.

He loves being a dentist because each day allows him to encounter different people, tasks, and challenges.

When Dr. Flinkman isn’t at the dental office, he is most happy when he is doing activities with his family. His wife, two daughters, and two dogs do a daily walk that usually involves stops at the playground and dog park. They spend the weekends with his brothers and their families grilling out, being outdoors, playing sports, and getting into a little bit of mischief.

Furthermore, Dr. Flinkman and his wife, Kelly, are passionate about supporting people with intellectual disabilities. Organizations that they support include Clearbrook and the Special Olympics.